Pure pure organic!

Hey girls,

First of all a happy new year to everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmastime and an amazing new years eve.
I’m so sorry that you’ve heard such a long time nothing from me. I was just really busy in the last weeks. It’s not always sunny in a student’s life. 😉
But now I’m happy to be back again. And in the meantime I’ve checked some new shampoos and I found my favorite one (stolen from my mother).
I’ve never had a favorite shampoo before. I’d always tried new ones. Expensive ones, cheap ones and smelly ones. Actually the most popular shampoo in my beauty case was Fructis OIL REPAIR from Garnier. It smells really good, that’s why I bought it. But now I found it: The best shampoo for my hair. And believe me: It’s like to find the man of your dreams.
And I have to say: Thank you mummy. She got this shampoo from her hairdresser and I tried it during Christmastime at home.

And here it is: PUR HAIR moisture shampoo from the organic serial. Organic means that it’s nourishes with natural nutrients and without silicone. It gently cleans without weighing down. Silicone is nearly in every known shampoo but it’s actually very bad for your hair.

This shampoo is good for thin hair and especially for dry hair. My hair felt great just after the first try.
But this serial doesn’t only have shampoo for thin and dry ones. PUR HAIR has products for every type: flat, damaged and oily hair.
The only deficit: It’s expensive! It’s not suitable for a students purse. It costs about 18 € which is pretty much for a shampoo. But you need just a little bit for a hair wash, so it lasts for a long time.
It’s worth a try!

x x Julia


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