Oh shit I overslept!

Hey ladies!

Who doesn’t know these mornings… You wake up perfectly happy until you take a look at the watch.

 Oh shit! I overslept…AGAIN!
Just 20 minutes until varsity starts and I’m still in my nighty.
AND it gets worse… the look in the mirror.
My hair looks like I feel, awful.
But my loved ones, like I already said, I don’t even know what a bad hair day is.
So I will show you a hairstyle which only take  two minutes (I’ll promise!) to make and it looks great!

Bild-1 Bild-2
So all you need is a braid. I got a simple braid with a gum in brown shades for the autumn from six.
You put the braid round your brow, like I did in the first picture. After that you just have to put your hair around the braid, like in the second picture.

You put the long hair around and the short you just stick in the braid.

 Finale-As longer you stick in, the tidier it looks.  🙂


Two minutes later…Done!

This hairstyle also works with longer hair. You just have to put it more often around the braid. If you don’t like it too strict, put some hair out. For the finish you need a bit hairspray and it will stay. If you  want to get sure that it will stay all day long put some hair clips in!

With this hairdo every sleepy morning is saved!

xx Julia


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