Bad hair days…?

First entry – first advice! Girls! Please! Bad hair days just exist in YOUR imagination!

Yeah, of course there are days where your hair don’t lie perfectly and you prefer to put a paper bag over your head. But there are solutions! Even for the lazy ones here! Hoooray!

The autumn its there and the Winter will come quickly! So it’s cap-time! A perfect solution to hide your hair with dignity and with little effort! Put the right cap on and you will look beautiful even with “bad hair”.

Attention!!! Please don’t wear this freaky panda-bear-caps or caps with ears which you can buy in every store -.-‘. It’s okay when you are 14. Otherwise are they just silly and nasty!


Oh, Oh Cara Delevingne, I hope you don’t wear this privately!
But the other wool cap is really pretty and perfect for cold days.

(found at

For the ladies who don’t like to wear caps I have a request: wear hats! Dare to risk!
There are beautiful heads on the market even for the winter. I would like to buy them all.

Here my favourite:


(found at

The colour is gorgeous for the autumn and the hat is not to brash. So you can wear it at school, varsity or at office.

If you don’t find a cap or a hat than use our good old friend the hair straightener! I don’t know what i would do without you, my little iron man.

xx Julia



  1. federfaserleicht · October 19, 2013

    Ich besitze den Hut von H&M.
    Er schlummerte nun seit einer Weile in meinem Schrank und wartet wieder herausgeholt zu werden. Bei dem Wetter wird es wohl bald soweit sein.
    Finde deinen Post sehr gut. – weiter so.
    Eine Frage bleibt aber.
    Gibt es einen besonderen Grund, dass du auf englisch postest?

    • ofmanes · October 20, 2013

      Vielen Dank! Freue mich sehr über positives Feedback! Ja, ich mache den Blog für die Uni und da ist Englisch Pflicht. Allerdings wollte ich schon immer einen Blog schreiben, deshalb gibt es auch ab und zu Einträge auf Deutsch! 🙂

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